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Collaborated Giveaway: The Ultimate Men's Essentials

At Mileneal, one of our beliefs is that every young working millennial has the right to look presentable and a good place to start with is by having the right essentials. That said, we are teaming up with few brands (Flyte SocksMilton ShoesMostRad Wallets) to present to you Mileneal's first ever collaborated giveaway. This will be our final giveaway before our crowdfunding campaign!
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Flyte Socks
Flyte Socks is a Toronto based start-up with the mission to become the world’s premier bamboo sock company and the solution to your missing sock. Born from the humble beginnings of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Flyte Socks have delivered thousands of socks across 30 countries to thousands of sock lovers
Milton Shoes
The latest contender in the men’s luxury footwear game, The Milton Shoe Company, offers a carefully curated selection of updated classics adapted to suit the style-conscious urban man, on & off duty. The 170 steps of the manufacturing process are made by the hands of skilled craftsmen in our family’s workshop in Portugal
Slim your wallet. Slide your favorite card. The extremely popular and affordable MostRad Minimalist wallet has returned with several new exciting features. Outfitted in premium imported genuine leather, the MostRad Minimalist offers..
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  • Love your your socks, more styles soon I hope…

    keith james

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